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U-Flyte is a strategic research partnership, coordinated by Maynooth University and funded by Science Foundation Ireland, together with key industry collaborators including AirbusIrelandia Aviation and INTEL. The project was launched in March 2018 in Waterford Airport by Maynooth University, SFI and industry partners. 


This SFI partnership will tackle the current global bottleneck impeding the wider development of drone operations and roll-out of commercial services. The R&D work-plan is based around researching a series of inter-connected work-packages that deal with investigating, building and testing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Traffic-Management (UTM), underpinned by a 3D drone airspace model (U-Space).


UTM operations will be tested around Waterford airport using drones and Air Traffic Control (ATC) as well as selected mobile locations across Ireland. Drone services, based on rapid wide-area mapping, dynamic feature-tracking in drone video clips and package drop-off/pick-up, will be developed and tested using real-world end-use case scenarios.

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